It happened almost a week ago, some kind of – “bring your family at work” – there was a special request where our client wanted their guest to print pictures they took with their iPhones straight to Photo Printer.

Needless to say, that was another big test for the Airkonv to show its performance !

They of course had a photobooth a bit further, so in order to keep busy 2000 people and make the most memories possible, they had several Photo Heads Through Cut Out Holes where their kids and spouse could go and strike a pose while the father (most of the time … probably because fathers take better pictures ? JK !) took those pictures.

Thanks to our QR Code giganticly printed (which allows you to connect to the Airkonv’s wifi without having to type anything) they only to go a bit further on their iPhone to select the Print button.

People who are not in the Photobooth business are not really used to Print pictures from there iPhones

And I could add, the Print Button is way too far on the right side by default !

Of course, we had an attendee on each printer/Airkonv equipped with an iPad to take pictures of those guests, in case they only had Android, in which case … it doesn’t work ! But we know that already…

Six hours later, I pitied the attendees outside as it was quite hot, but they made an incredible good job helping guests, taking pictures for them and printing them.

I still need to add : the hiccup ! … as those attendees had never seen a Photo Printer, while explaining to them , they didn’t catch why they shouldn’t use the printer where the “-cut” was added (you know, the config that allow you to do the 2″ cut) – so in our next updates or so, we will add the kind of paper you want to use, the 2″ cut enable/disable and so on ….