A quick post about the issue encounter by some iPad app with the latest update iOS 13.

With Windows when the format of the paper is not right, we don’t have some time the feed back from the printer that the format is not right or other settings are not good. Therefore the same can happen with iOS and the Airkonv can not report an issue that the printer doesn’t report.

It did work under iOS 12 and not under iOS 13 now. The app did use some protocols and settings to send to the Airprint feature. Some settings or format were probably not set in iOS 12 that need to be set in iOS 13. (PNG or JPG which one works? some time PNG is supported and some time PNG si not supported and so on..)

The proof that the Airkonv is compatible with iOS is that with the native Photo App from Apple, it prints one or several photos. In the video of this link below of method 2, you will see that we print from iOS 13. Therefore the native App is fully compatible with the Airkonv and therefore if everything is set well, the printing will follow. If it doesn’t print then we can not blame the Airkonv.

See here https://www.photoboothemporium.com/airkonv/method2

We also have our own App Mosapic that will be release soon and it works perfectly with iOS 13.

We are also here to help as much as we can. We have this link for coder that can help them and also our code of our Mosapic App to print.


Last technical point. The driver use by Windows and MAC are not the same. We use a Linux driver that has the same base as the MAC driver. Everybody can see that some time even on other consumers printers the MAC driver has less features than the Windows driver. The Airprint can work with Windows and not with our Airkonv because our driver needs the Full Airprint protocol set right that the Window driver may adapt internally but not the Unix one. Again if it works with the Apple Photo from the Camera Roll then it is compatible with the full right setting of the Airprint.

When the Airkonv came out 2 years ago some App were straight away compatible and some not. They did adapt their code to be fully compatible with Airprint.

We don’t have a subscription policy with the Airkonv and we are cover by the fact that the Airprint feature is a protocol like the other protocols (bluetooth, ..) that will not drastically change.