Many photo booths companies will claim that their booths are accessible, and the truth is that in many cases they are.

An open booth for example will have a mechanism that allows the camera to be tilted up and down to suit varying peoples heights. So when asked if they can accommodate a wheelchair or children’s event then they certainly tick that box.

Whilst accessibility is possible, it can often still be restrictive for the client. Some photo booths can be modified to be fixed to a child’s height for example, however when an adult comes into the frame, they need to sit or squat to fit into the shot. Others photo booths require an attendant to reach inside the booth to make the changes to the booth set up manually.

Accessibility is one thing but to be truly inclusive is something completely different.

The difference between ‘Accessible’ and ‘Inclusive’ is eloquently articulated on Play Ground Professions by Mara Kaplan in an article called ‘Accessible vs Inclusive’. This article is applied to children’s play environments however the principals also apply to a photo booth.

‘Accessible vs Inclusive’ separates the two definitions of the word and how they are applied to children’s playing environments.

‘Using common dictionary definitions, accessible means: “easy to approach, reach, enter, speak with or use.” The synonyms include words such as: available, reachable, attainable, operative, open, unrestricted.’

‘Inclusive is defined as: “all encompassing, all embracing” or “covering everything or everyone.” The listed synonyms are: broad, comprehensive, all together, global, sweeping, whole.’

PB Emporium as a company celebrate the patented camera tilt functionality of the camera that ticks all of the boxes of an accessible booth with a seamless transition to tilt the camera with ease. However the feature that I believe is the master stroke of the Elegant’s design, and perhaps the most underrated feature in a very cleverly design product, is the extendible stand. This is what makes the already accessible booth truly inclusive.

This extendible and retractable height allows the photo booth experience to be identical for any height with the camera, lighting and touch screen all moving simultaneously in literally a second with minimal effort and fuss.

This means that a guest in a wheel chair for example, is far less likely to feel anxiety about joining in on the photo booth fun. The booth attendant simply pushed the booth up or down in a fraction of a second before the guest is even in the booth.

My business is now truly inclusive thanks to PB Emporiums Elegant Photo Booth. This is something that sets me apart from my local competition and also makes me feel good to know that the level of service and experience that I can offer anyone from adults to children and guests in a wheel chair is consistent.

I have had some success with the PB Emporium Elegant in growing my offering as an inclusive photo booth operator with local charities, disability services and children friendly events.

I can now promote my services as not only accessible but fully inclusive and as soon as I explain the difference to a potential client in the disability space, I have secured every booking to date.

Guest Blog by Colin Richardson

Adept Photo Booths – Perth, Western Australia