Below the comparison of the features between the Airkonv 2, the Airkonv 3 and The Airkeeg.

We completely redeveloped the platform to give access to the Saturation, Brightness and Contrast adjustment also the PCB and the System are brand new model. Because of this a manual update by changing the SD card will be necessary to upgrade the Airkonv 2.4 to the Airkonv 3 is available.

Airkonv 2.3 and below can not be upgrade to 3.

The Airkonv can not be upgrade to an Airkeeg. Because of the display, the PCB is not the same.

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SpecificationsAirkonv 2Airkonv 3Airkeeg
Web Interface at
Internal Wifi 2G/5GYesYesYes
Method 1 to 7 ConnectionsYesYesYes
USB Wifi Key 2GYesYesYes
USB Sim Card DongleYesYesYes
Saturation AdjustableNoYesYes
Brightness AdjustableNoYesYes
Contrast AdjustableNoYesYes
Desktop Power USB C 5V 4ANoYesYes
Fans or RadiatorNoYesYes
Display to video Projector, or TV or Monitor via Airkeeg's HDMI PortNoNoYes
Display to an airkeeg's Web AddressNoNoYes
Compatible Mosapic AppNoNoYes
Compatible iPad App that support the Airkeeg ProtocolNoNoYes
Compatible Windows Folder for slideshowNoNoYes
Slideshow when Photo are avalaibleNoNoYes
Method 1YesYesYes
Method 2YesYesYes
Method 3 Wired to RouterYesYesNo
Method 4 Wired to RouterYesYesNo
Method 5 Wired to RouterYesYesNo
Method 6YesYesYes
Method 7YesYesYes
Method 8 Wired to iPadNoNoYes
Method 9 Wired to iPadNoNoYes
Method 10 Wired to iPadNoNoYes

Paper FormatAirkonv 2Airkonv 3Airkeeg
one 2 Auto Cut photos 2x6”YesYesYes

Printer and DriversAirkonv 2Airkonv 3Airkeeg
DNP DS620 RX1 DS40 (Preinstalled )YesYesYes
DNP DS80 (Preinstalled )NoYesYes
FUJI ASK300 (Preinstalled )YesYesYes
MITSUBISHI CP70D CPD80DW (Preinstalled )YesYesYes