After a very long time, this is the most achieved and ultimate Airkonv with the most complete features and the latest powerful PCB.

Available in stock.

The Airkonv 3 will presented at PBX 2020 and in one Master Class too.

We completely redeveloped the platform to give access to the Saturation, Brightness and Contrast adjustment also the PCB and the System are brand new model. Because of this a manual update by changing the SD card will be necessary to upgrade the Airkonv 2.4 to the Airkonv 3. No upgrade is available from the Airkonv 2.3 and below. You can check the version of your Airkonv on the back of your Device.

The desktop power supply USB C 5V-4A will be more flexible to use.

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If you need to understand the difference between the Airkonv 2 and the Airkonv 3 please check this post.