As a lot of you use iPads for their photobooth, we also have been seeing a lot of ways to print, using servers …. clients …. but what if Airprint just worked ! That’s why we brought to you the AIRKONV, the easiest way to print from your iOS or macOS system !




The Airkonv has been showed at the PBX Expo 2018 and Sale is available from the website. (Click here for more info where to buy)

Version 1.3 with connection to another wifi is possible now.

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Printer Compatibility

Printers DNP 620, DNP RX1 and DNP RX1 HS

DNP DS40 only the most recent one as this printer has been discontinued

Mitsubishi CP-80DW (The Quality with Mitsubishi is Ok but not good enough. If you buy it we advise you that you might not appreciate the result and we are trying our best to improve it but at the moment it is not perfect at all)

Other Printers will be available soon.

Click here to download the latest manual of the Airkonv

Other video : how to connect Airkonv to printer


    • Hello Johan,

      We really appreciate your interest, please be a little bit more patient, as we are finalising the production and ensuring the stability of the Airkonv. The estimated time of delivery is end of February 2018. I’ll send you an email when I have news for you ! =)