At today, we are doing more intensive tests related to what you may use.
Below is a listing (non-exhaustive) and for guidance only of software we could run some tests and if they are  compatible Airprint.

This list is only indicative as it is difficult to keep up with updates of iOS and their App.

After some comments, we would like to point that if the iPad or iPhone can print via Airprint and see the Printer then the compatibility is certified for our system. Therefore some app worked perfectly with the Airprint and some not.

Tips: We would like to help the community as much as we could and provide this tips below to help some App coder to probably upgrade their code if possible.

Click this Link for iOS Airprint without using Printer Selection interface

Below our code from our Mosapic App that is fully compatible with iOS13.

We are running some tests from our understanding, we don’t provide support for their app.

Click here to download the manual of the connections Airkonv 2.0

Click here to download the manual of the connections Airkonv 1.0

App NameTested versionDate of testNotes
YesSimple BoothNov. 2019
?HaloFeb. 20, 2018no credentials provided
YesWifiboothN/AFeb. 20, 2018Set the size of the paper to 4.1x6.1"
?Mashbooth ProFeb. 20, 2018no credentials provided
?MobiboothFeb. 20, 2018no credentials provided
YesLumaboothApp Version 2.4.4 Build Number 74 Works Before to retest @ 2019-09Nov. 22, 2018
YesSlide show photoboothPBX Show 2018Set the size of the paper
NOPhoto media PhotoboothPBX Show 2018Set the size of the paper, April 10, 2019 there are issues related to the printing part
YesSnappicDecember 2019
YesPixbooth 2 (Curator)December 11, 2018Update on your event manager (online), reload your event on your ipad, print. See below some indications.
YesHulaBOOTHCON 01-2019
YesOne BoothJuly 2019Confirmed by One Booth
YesBabelandDecember 2019

How we used Airkonv with Pixbooth 2
  1. Prepare the airkonv as it should be (power on, connect wifi, …)
  2. Setup the printing part on your Event Manager Online
  3. Launch your event
  4. Press “Print” and select the Printer you want to print to
    The first time, an airprint window will appear in order to allow you to select which printer you want to use (see image below)
  5. Then for following prints, il will just send straight to printer and not ask which printer to use


    • Well, I thought so too, but for some reason, it’s not AirPrint as it is with other Apps. Probably a small update to do then it shall be okay.

      And in Fotoshare’s case, I did not include it as you are running DSLRBooth remotely, therefore the Airkonv is not necessary in that case

  1. Hey,
    I think my Airkonv just arrived but still need to pick it up from the post office. I am working with the wifi booth app. Can you explain to me why I have to set the size to 4.1×6.? What happens if I don’t?

    Thank you

  2. Hello I was wondering if you had any experience using the Airkonv with android devices. I have my Galaxy View working with other AirPrint devices, so I don’t see why not, but wondering if you all had tried. I use SLRBooth and love it! So if I could get confirmation that it works with android and the app that would be great! Let me know if you would like for me to test.