Video and Manual

Airkonv 2.0 Presented by Rex Huang!

The Great Rex present the Airkonv 2.0. Follow at this link

Airkonv 2.0 Presented by Brandon Havrilla (9 mn)

Presentation of the Airkonv 2.0. It only last 9 minutes and you will have a lot of information in this video.

Airkonv how to Airprint to DNP DS620, DS-RX1HS, DS-RX1, MITUSBISHI and...

As a lot of you use iPads for their photobooth, we also have been seeing a lot of ways to print, using servers .......

Airkonv How to Connect? Check the Methods of connections

Please find below download link to the 7 connection's method for the Airkonv 2.0 and 5 Methods for the Airkonv 1.0. If you dont have...

Airkonv Presented by David from Clear Choice Cleveland –

Watch out a Video done by David A Hobrath! Enjoy.

Manual Airkonv

Click here to download the latest manual of the Airkonv