You don’t have access to the web interface

Be sure that the iPad is connected to the Airkonv’s Wifi and with the Safari of the iPad enter

See the only method to have access to the web interface of the Airkonv.

The airkonv’s web interface is only used for setting up the paper size OR the external wifi you want to connect to

By default, the printer’s setup is plug’n’play, after connecting to the airkonv’s wifi, you can print straight away from your iPad or iPhone

When you want to connect the airkonv to Internet, the web interface will assist you to connect to the external wifi, so that the airkonv becomes a routeur.

Have you ever succeed in printing at least one picture ?

If no, try printing from the Default App one photo, instead of using any photobooth app.

Use this original iOS print.

After update, the screen is blank

Ensure you are connected to the Airkonv’s wifi with this method

Type in your iPad’s Browser the address :

If it’s still blank, please contact us via

It worked perfectly before and now it’s VERY slow or doesn’t print at all

90% of the times, it’s because there are too many wifis OR a powerful wifi signal nearby that uses the same channel as the airkonv. For that, we recommend you to check the others ways of connect to the airkonv. You may use another router 5Ghz and/or use a 4G router to ensure your Internet connection.

Or if you use a dongle for the internet and it did work well couples hours and you don’t have Internet after. If the printing is still working and not internet try to reset the dongle. If this case happen it means the dongle capacity is at its limits.