Mitsubishi, DNP Printer Cover

After few months of developing, we came up with a new design for the printer stand where the pictures remains inside, so that people who can’t wait 15 more seconds have their hands right in front of the printer, ready to snatch anything coming out from there, even if the picture is not cut yet ! (But that, they don’t know) – I sometimes remind them that not long ago, you needed to go to a shop, get a ticket and come back like 2 or 3 days later !

The printer cover KUC100 can be used solely and is mounted like that :

Printer Stand

Thus, if you bought the complete printer stand KPSUC100, you need to assemble it the pole AND the cover


Obviously, because the printer tray is now inside, you can not launch a large printing pool and not supervise it, it is meant to be used with a photobooth, which means prints are taken gradually by the guests (or operator)