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Another new product from Photobooth Emporium. Presentation of the App at the link below https://www.photoboothemporium.com/mosapic/

Airkonv 2.0 Presented by Rex Huang!

The Great Rex present the Airkonv 2.0. Follow at this link https://youtu.be/3-DwSaYceWQ https://www.facebook.com/rex.huang3/videos/10156718608429177/

Airkonv 2.0 Presented by Brandon Havrilla (9 mn)

Presentation of the Airkonv 2.0. It only last 9 minutes and you will have a lot of information in this video. https://youtu.be/Z17M7hY4O8M

Free Pass for Photo Booth Biz Conference 2019!!!

We are proud to be a sponsor for the Photo Booth Biz Conference. One free pass of a value of $99 will be give away for...

Airkonv 2.0

The New Airkonv 2.0 is out now. New Features: - Fast Printing Spooling and Printing. - Airkonv Internal WIfi 2GHz or 5GHz - USB SIM dongle compatible. - External...

The Captain Roamer

The Captain Roamer. Include: - The Captain Roamer Head Check out https://www.photoboothemporium.com/shop/warehouse/en/home/80-407-captain-roamer-with-ring-led-light-188.html#/8-color-white/41-face_plate-ipad_pro_129_no_home_button VIDEO of the Assembly https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oX58mcWIF9Y&feature=youtu.be   Owner of the K12, your stand is compatible with the Captain roamer Head too.

The Lolly Booth

The Lolly Booth. Include: - The Captain Roamer Head - Lift Assisted - Dual Base Plate - One printer stand and its cover - One Travel light Case Check out https://www.photoboothemporium.com/shop/au/en/25-lolly Owner of...

Free Shipping WORLDWIDE for the Airkonv

Free Shipping Worldwide or with a fee the DHL option are available. Click the link below to buy and only available in Warehouse Shop. (And...

Airkonv Shipping Time, Custom and DHL FEDEX Fees

Our factory is based in China Shenzhen at the moment and therefore the Worldwide Shipping's logistic. The Free Shipping can take up to 7 to...

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