Photo Booth Expo 2020 24/27 February 2020 – Las Vegas

It will never stop. This year we will have some awesome new products and we will do Master Class for the Airkonv...

Airkonv How to Connect? Video for each Method of connections

Please find below download links for the manual and videos for the 7 connection's method for the Airkonv 3, Airkonv 2 and 5 Methods...

Airkonv 2.0

The New Airkonv 2.0 is out now. New Features: - Fast Printing Spooling and Printing. - Airkonv Internal WIfi 2GHz or 5GHz - USB SIM dongle compatible. - External...

The Captain Roamer

The Captain Roamer. Include: - The Captain Roamer Head Check out VIDEO of the Assembly Owner of the K12, your stand is compatible with the Captain roamer Head too.

Printer Cover or Printer Stand & Cover !

Printer Cover and Stand are out! Model for KUC100 for DNP DS40, 620 and Mitsubishi CP-70DW & CP-80DW Model KUC200 for RX1, RX1HS and for Hiti...

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