The Idea

Your business has already started, everything is going smooth so far, you have customers and everyone is happy. Although, there is this thought, how can I improve, will my current customers will also be my next year customers, will they renew with us ? Well, in the Photobooth Industry, don’t get it wrong if the customer go for something else, it might be the price, the means, the time. What I would like to suggest today, is at least to bring something into your business without too much investment. The idea is to display on a second display (it can be a monitor, TV…) all the pictures taken during the event. I’ll be a bit more general rather than specific regarding the

What do we use

  1. a tablet with Windows 10 installed
  2. any photobooth software installed
  3. any slideshow software (in this case, we will use Fast Stone Image Viewer)
  4. a HDMI cable compatible with your tablet and second display
  5. any wireless remote keyboard / mouse (such as the Logitech K400)

Why do we use these

(1 and 2) The windows tablet, photobooth software are obviously what you have. Not all photobooth softwares include a slideshow (Breeze does if I recall correctly). (3) To ensure we have a working solution, we will use Fast Stone Image Viewer.

(4) We will start with an HDMI Cable (I will also demonstrate a very easy way to do with a Surface Pro tablet wirelessly in a next post) according to your Tablet

(5) I specifically use this one for the simple reason that it’s wireless and you don’t need a table so use the mouse !! It’s not too big, not too small, it just makes everything easier and fast to use

The connections

  • Without entering too much details, plug your cable on your tablet and your second display

  • Extend the display of the monitor
On the right side of the Tablet : Project > Extend

Finally, if you have all plugged-in, you should see the your desktop extended on your second display

Using the Keyboard/Mouse, put yourself in front of your Photobooth

1) Launch Fast Stone Image Viewer

Select your CURRENT Photobooth Output folder
In dslrBooth's case, it's generally in C:\Users\<username>\Pictures\dslrBooth\<your_current_event_folder>

2) Send Fast Stone Image Viewer on the second monitor

3) Click on Slideshow Button

4) Setup your slideshow according to your needs

5) Hit Play


At last, That’s one way of doing it, maybe not the best, not the worst but a functional one.
The goal on this first step is to get used to display a photos of the event on a second monitor through a cable.

This post is especially relevant, as once you master this simple task, the next posts will be about doing it wireless, a giant screen, several monitors ….