During your post-event period, you want to send the pictures to your customer, you have severals ways to do it. We made export EASY and EFFICIENT and not a nuisance (because we know you are probably exhausted after).

The EXPORT button will create a .ZIP file and open a similar window to this one

AIRDROP (for macOS users)
You have the Airdrop function, which means if you use macOS, you can send your export zipped file straight to your computer via Airdrop, and it’s quite fast !

OTHER APP (for Everyone)
You can use other apps such as iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive … which means, il will save the export zipped file to this Cloud service*, and from there, it’s all familiar to your own environment.
* : Note that Internet is required, export zipped file can reach 1GB easily, Internet bandwidth will be used to sync between your Cloud service and its App.

Few hints (we are not affiliated to any of those Cloud Services)

Apple Files : www.icloud.com (5GB Free)
Dropbox Inc : www.dropbox.com (2GB Free)
Google Drive : www.google.com/drive/ (15GB Free)
Microsoft OneDrive : onedrive.live.com/about/en-us/plans/ (5GB Free)
A lot other are also available : WeTransfer, Degoo, …

File Structure of the export ZIP File

Example of files unzipped on the computer

A1.jpg, A2.jpg… are MTs
B4.jpg, B5.jpg… are Photos without filter
C7.jpg, C8.jpg… are MTs uploaded to the Slideshow Displayer (Online or Airkonv Slideshow)