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Features of the Airkeeg

  • 95% of the features of the Airkonv 3 (print and remain connected with Airprint)
  • Wired the iPad USB C to the Airkeeg with the option USB C-Ethernet converter. (no Wifi required to print from your iPad to your printer, All wired from A to Z)
  • Slideshow Displayed on any Video Projector, TV, monitors, … straight from the Airkeeg’s HDMI port.
  • Slideshow with web address
  • Slideshow Compatible with Mosapic APP
  • Slideshow Compatible with any Window Folder therefore any Windows DSLR BOOTH application
  • Slideshow with Compatible iPad APP
  • Desktop USB C power supply

Check this link to see the comparison Airkeeg – Airkonv

The Airkonv can not be upgraded to an Airkeeg. Because of the display, the PCB is not the same.

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—— Shipping April 2020 ——-

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See the two demo of the wired Ipad to print via the Airkeeg. More Videos to come.

The Quick Peak of the wired Ipad to your printer

With the Slideshow App (appreciate the speed!)