Beginning of the story

The head options (few of them)

As we designed our Photobooth K12 Elegant, we wanted to give you the most at an affordable price ! In reality, it might seem complicated because we succeeded in giving more than initially expected.

At first we wanted to be able to tilt the camera in an easy way.. and that’s how the Clickwheel was born. Just above the camera, we set there a CNC built wheel that is easily accessible.

Secondly, while the camera could be very easily adjusted, we wondered how to switch from common landscape to portrait the camera : as the tilt mechanism was done, small transformation of the camera support and voilà .. portrait / landscape mode in just few screwing without any tool !

The general idea

As we wanted to accelerate the process of the setup [and we kind of did it ! It takes out customers more time to setup the backdrop than the K12 itself !] – we scoped the design so that it doesn’t require extra tools.

The other plan was to make very light, so that [you!] our customers, can carry it effortless. The downside, of course, is that if someone a lot heavier than the booth itself fall on it, may obviously damage the shell and its components. So far, after 2 years, we didn’t have any such feedback.

As white is a common “colour” – we wanted to have few colours in our panel, so at today, we have Red like Iron Man, Pink, Grey, Black and Blue. Not all of them are available at the moment, but you may request a quote. For our identified customers, we can provide the requirements for wrapping the K12’s head to the colours of your own customers !

The lightning

You may have noticed already, but in the photo industry, lightning is very important. That’s why, from the beginning, we aimed at giving lightning features, such as the internal ones for a start but also the possibility to add external flash.

At today, there are several ways to “play” with the light / flash. Adding the umbrella or equivalent is a big plus. Our extension rods allow you to extend the overall height.

In this part, we made it available :

  • Light Photobooth Shell (99% in aluminum)
  • No tools required to assemble the Photobooth
  • Faster to mount than most backdrops
  • Camera angle adjustable
  • Landscape to Portrait in less than a minute