MOSAPIC, Mosaic Events for iOS

Finally, Mosaic are available to iPad Booths !

What kind of Mosaics ?

Mosaics can be

  • purely digital and displayed on a Phone, iPad, Television via its public URL
  • printed stickers, guests take their prints and stick them on grids

  • Each event organisers want their events to be the best, Mosapic tries its best to be the swiss knife of the Mosaics.


    MOSAPICiPad App

    MOSAPIC App is constantly being tested on iPad 5th and 6th Gen, iPad Pro 11" and 12.9"
    Result images are obviously better with iPad Pros, but once the mosaic is recomposed, either iPads and iPad Pros, finals are both astonishings

    MOSAPIC WEB dashboard

    Your online web dashboard allow you to scale then create your mosaic, manage your events, complete or alternate them
    Register an account on to discover what awaits you

    iOS APP

    • List activated events
    • Enable and Select Printer
    • Enable Slideshow
    • Launch Events
    • Export Photos from Events
    • Free samples

    Mosaic Starter

    $ 150 /event
    • 1 Web Dashboard
    • 1 Native App for iOS
    • SSL security included
    • Fair Use of Web traffic
    • 1 Month Photos Retention
    • Enabled 30 days

    Mosaic Generator

    $ 1800$ 2500 /20 events
    • 1 Web Dashboard
    • 1 Native App for iOS
    • SSL security included
    • Fair Use of Web traffic
    • 3 Months Photos Retention
    • Advanced add-ons
    • Enabled 365 days
    • 2 Hours personal training session*

    (*) via Remote Desktop and Audio Call

    Responsive Slideshows

    Whether you want to display on a computer, TV, tablet or smartphone via a Web Browser, our Mosaic Slideshow has been designed to be responsive

    Quick start

    Basic Usage for Digital Mosaic

    We strongly recommend to access your web dashboard from a Computer
    1. Web dashboard : Upload your original photo at the correct dimension
    2. Web dashboard : Activate your mosaic
    3. Mosapic App : Refresh the list, select your event, enable Slideshow then press Start

    Advanced Usage for Digital Mosaic and Printing

    1. Web dashboard : Upload your original photo at the correct dimension
    2. Web dashboard : Activate your mosaic
    3. Mosapic App : Refresh the list, select your event, enable Slideshow, enable Printing and choose Printer then press Start

    No kidding, it’s basically the same !

    More details …

    things to know

    Not just another Photobooth App

    For having been there, we didn’t want to create something that other companies in the iPad Booth industry already provide, and no kidding, some of them are really good ! This is why Mosapic will mainly be about Mosaics and things related and not “just another Photobooth App” with countless features

    Online and Offline services

    The online part is mainly the Mosapic web dashboard. It allows you to do your pre and post-event job on your computer. The Mosapic app needs Internet mainly to load the event on the iPad. After that, it can run offline. Internet is not mandatory to run the simple functions !

    Printing MTs

    With an Airkonv, the correct Stickers for DNP DS620, you are already ready to print 6×6″ (15x15cm) stickers and we have Grids for that ! Example: 70 photos, 10 rows x 7 lines for a grid’s dimension of 60×42″ (150x105cm).

    Mosapic Vocabulary

    It can be either an iPad or an iPhone

    Photo that you want to recreate through the Mosaic

    Squared piece from the Original

    Picture output taken from the Device

    Merged Tile (MT)
    Tile merged with a Photo

    Final image recomposed from tiles

    Printed grid with coordinates where you place the printed merged tile with specific size for stickers

    Event is the general name including the mosaic and its information


    Equipement allowing WIFI Printing for DYE Printers (DNP, Mitsubishi….)

    iOS App running on the Device

    Online Server
    Online WEB Server, used to setup accounts, events…

    Uploaded MT will be displayed 1 by 1, and automatically resfreshes when new MTs are uploaded


    Password using 6 numbers to prevent users to go back to the settings window

    Empty PHOTOSHOP file (.PSD) correctly sized that may help you to adjust your photo according to Mosapic Grids

    Time Estimated
    From experience, we suggest the duration that the Mosaic requires in average to be completed

    Posts about Mosapic

    Howto, latest release, Suggestion and advice ...

    How-To: Setup EPSON TM-C3500 on Windows with Airprint

    Requirements - 1 x Windows 10 PC with Internet- 1 x Epson TM-C3500- Apple Bonjour Software

    How to Print Grids at the correct dimension

    We provide PDF files at the correct dimension for you to print the grids.These are recommendation you should check your local printer....


    Another new product from Photobooth Emporium. Presentation of the App at the link below

    How-To : Register an account on

    Go to www.mosapic.funClick on Register a new accountFill your Email, Name, Company and passwordCheck your email you have entered in order...

    What to do with the Mosaic final file ?

    Well, if you had to an only digital Mosaic, don't worry, as you can still have plenty of options to suggest to...

    Mosapic APP offers advanced features, including exporting, which can be unlocked via a single subscription that covers all your devices.

    Mosapic Web dashboards secures all the events, have an automated system to delete completely events once the retention is past, mainly to respect Privacy and GDPR. Privacy is not only an Eurpean matter, but we think it should include everyone, even those who say they "have nothing to hide".
    Prices may vary from location to location due to local taxation laws and conversion rates from U.S. Dollars.

    Web Dashboard

    • Events Manager
    • Devices Manager
    • Mosaic Helper
    • Mosaics Recomposer
    • Guides and doc
    • Templates

    Mosapic App

    • User Login
    • Activated Events List
    • Printing and selection
    • Slideshow Process
    • Select Front/Rear Camera
    • Autostart function
    • Passcode protection
    • Counters
    • Photo Auto-validation
    • Simple UX for guests
    • Export made VERY easy


    • 60x42" (150x105cm)


    • DNP DS620 via Airkonv
    • EPSON TMC3500 via Windows (in progress)


    • Finite retention
    • Backups
    • Real deletion once due