Photobooth Emporium Origins


Our first post on our new website, where I will mainly post, my partners may also, so that we can enrich your photobooth experiences.

We are an international company, inplanted in United States (Los Angeles) , China (Shenzhen), Australia (Sydney) and France (Bordeaux).

Our fields of enginering are Electronics, IT, Genereal Electricity and Mechanics, which allow us to cover and ensure all those parts.

Started to design our own Photbooth in 2015, we definitely wanted to provide all we thought were missing in the existing market, and that’s how we came up with the K12, light and portable, easy and fast to mount, angle and height adjustable very efficiently, and so on…

On this website, we will try to cover every aspects of our manufactured products and as much as we can all the parts inside, regarding the camera, tablets although that’s not our products. Some answers might be true for some cases but not for every one of them, therefore, adapt to your own case of you do have a problem.

We have assemblies that we do recommend, and that we ensured the effectiveness of all linked products, make sure to like our Facebook page in order to follow offers, deals, updates that not last forever and so on.