AIRKONV 3 (Print and Remain Connected)


The Airkonv will allow your iPad APP to print (via the App that use Airprint) to a DYE Printer and remain connected to internet in the same time.

Internet not required to Print.

Check this post to see the difference between the Airkonv 2 and the Airkonv 3.

Check this youtube channel with videos of how to connect to Internet.

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Power Plug
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What’s included

- 1 Airkonv 3 (with internal 2Ghz or 5Ghz wifi Router)

- 1 Desktop Power Adapter to USB C 5V 4A

- 1 External USB wifi Antenna 2.4 Ghz

- 1 Aluminium Enclosure with Brackets and Radiator

- 1 Start Up Guide

Airkonv 2 and Airkonv 3 Difference?

Check this post to see the difference between the Airkonv 2 and the Airkonv 3.

The Airkonv 3 has:

 - all the Airkonv 2's Features

 - Contrast, Saturation and Brightness are adjustable for pre installed printers (DNP DS620 RX1 DS40 DS80, FUJI ASK300, MITSUBISHI CP70D CPD80DW)

 - an USB C Desktop Power supply

 - a new Circuit Board with new faster system that is not compatible with the Airkonv 2

 - Three new paper size or format for DNP 620 (5x7", 3.5x5" and 5x5")

Printer Compatibility with driver already installed and configured


DNP DS40 only the most recent one as this printer has been discontinued

USB Sim Card Dongle (Not Included)

Certify Compatible with the Huawei USB sim card Dongle E3372 without the wifi option. Click this link to see the Youtube Video Method 6

iPad with Cellular (Not Included)

Work with iPad with integrated Cellular. Click this link to see the Youtube Video Method 7

Why an external Antenna 2Ghz

The range of the internal Wifi will not match the range of the external Antenna that will be wider (use of an antenna).

Also with some App, the sending queue for the Social Media can jam the system with all the back and forward if we use only one channel.

There are many technical advantages to separate the network with the external Antenna.

The only small disadvantage is the place that it takes. However the antenna can be also place outside to increase the reception range.

Apple® iOS App Compatibility

Check this Link for the latest compatibility list.

Printing format Via Apple® iOS Genuine Airprint  

4 formats are selectable only via Airprint

- one 2 Auto Cut photos 2x6”

- 4x6"

- 6x6”

- 6x8”

Additional formats for DNP620

- 5x7"

- 3.5x5"

- 5x5"

These formats can be enabled or disabled via the Airkonv’s web interface

The format depends of the Printers.

(Useful when used for a printing by a public/random customer in only one format, usually the 4x6”)

Printing format Via Apple® macOS

All format can be print via Wifi direct from your MAC computer (Subject to macOS versions and updates. It did work with some macOS versions and after not. We can not guarantee the compatibility at today and give which versions is working)

Not available via PC.

What’s Airkonv used for

Its main purpose is to print on a specialized photo printer from an Apple® device : iOS or macOS.

It can be connected to via :

- Airkonv’s WIFI access point

- Airkonv’s LAN RJ45 cable connected in DCHP mode to an external router with wifi or not.

- To a Hotspot (some Hotspot are not compatible, subject to your test)

- The new version Airkonv 2 can be connected to another Wifi/Router in DHCP mode that has access to Internet and the Airkonv will be connected to Internet too. The selection of the Wifi and to enter the password is managed by a local web interface embedded in the Airkonv. 

- Now with the Internal 5G some jamming can be avoid. But it will still depends of the venue. Check out all the options in this post. The best way to avoid a jamming is to wire at the maximum.

What can the Airkonv do ?

- Print to a DYE Printer (check the compatibility) and remain connected to internet in the same time.

- It is a WiFi router

- WiFi Access Point with unique and fixed SSID and password (the password can not be changed as it is a factory setting)

- It can be connected to another wifi/router with its USB wifi antenna.

- Connection wifi QR code 

- It can print through Apple® iOS Genuine Airprint on the compatible printer.

How to connect ?

- To the Airkonv with a unique and fixed WiFi password (wifi Access Point with unique and fixed SSID and password)

- To the other wifi router via the local web interface embedded in the Airkonv that will manage the selection of the Wifi channel and to enter the password.

- Via Temporary QR Code. Wifi credentials are not stored into the connecting device when scanned from QR Code (Functional above iOS 11)

- Click this post that has 7 Diagrams to describe the 7 ways. (Wifi, hotspot, USB dongle, iPad Cellular or Wired)

How to update the firmware ?

- Update only from 3.0 and onwards 3.xx only, the update button is available in the Airkonv's web interface.

How to get assistance and to follow the new updates?

We will only use the Airkonv's Facebook page to post relevant updates and not Twitter or Instagram.

- Like this Facebook page to follow updates

- Use the messenger of this Facebook page. One of the available person around the world will assist you as soon as we can.

What System  ?

- We use a Linux Platform and the auto update of the overall system has been disabled to avoid any external intrusions.

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