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The Airkonv, wifi/router printer driver for DNP 620 DS 40 and RX1 all in one box!

Airkonv 2 Delux and Classic Difference?

Just the Enclosure is the difference between the Delux (Aluminium) and the Classic (Plastic) version.

Airkonv 2 and Airkonv 3 Differences?

Check this post to see the difference between the Airkonv 2 and the Airkonv 3.

The Airkonv 3 has:

 - all the Airkonv's 2 Features

 - Colors and Brightness are adjustable for pre installed printer (DNP DS620 RX1 DS40 DS80, FUJI ASK300, MITSUBISHI CP70D CPD80DW CDP90)

 - an USB C Desktop Power supply

 - a new Circuit Board with new faster system that is not compatible with the Airkonv 2

 - Three new paper size or format for DNP 620 (5x7", 3.5x5" and 5x5")


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